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Royal History of Cravings

     In 2004, we learned how to make those wonderful smelling Cinnamon Almonds like you find at sporting events and festivals.  We continued to learn how to make other confections like English Toffee, and Honey Roasted Gourmet Roasted nuts in a 10x10 booth in Saginaw Michigan.   We learned many Sweet Skills but we focused on our Nut Roasting Expertise.

Saginaw 2004.JPG
Jonny Flint 2005.JPG

     We continued perfecting our process in that mall and others until we ended up in the Franklin Park Mall in Toledo, Ohio in 2009.  We continuously expanded our offerings and experiences in Toledo including our famous   BODACIOUS BUCKEYES. 

Toledo old.jpg
Toledo old 2009.jpg
Toledo new 2012.jpg

  No matter what we offered or where we did business, it was those wonderful Cinnamon Almonds that sold the best along with the other fantastic gourmet roasted Almonds, Cashews, Pecans and Peanuts.  That is why we started selling them to stores in the area from Southeast Michigan to Norwest Ohio.  This allowed us to be busy roasting even when the mall was not busy.  We discovered that more people could enjoy our distinctive nuts without having to make a trip to the mall. 

Toledo store 2013.jpg

In 2013 we gave the people what they wanted so we moved from our 240 sq ft kiosk in the mall to a  1200 sq ft storefront on Reynolds Rd in Toledo.  We continued selling great nuts, candies and gourmet treats along with hand dipped ice cream.  Again, we sold the roasted nuts in Michigan and Ohio as a side business to support our retail business.  Eventually, we had to focus on just one thing thus we sold off everything but the gourmet nut business.

In 2019, we moved the roasters and bagging equipment and office into our current MUCH LARGER facility to serve our customers best.  We now ship roasted nuts all over the country as well as locally. 

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